Special regime of people domestic workers

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Since the 21 July 2020 cannot be sought Special Allowance for people Domestic workers.

The Decreto-ley Real 11 / 2020

You can benefit from this extraordinary subsidy, people integrated into the Special System for domestic workers of the General regime of Social security, remain high before the entry into force of the royal decree 463 / 2020 , 14 March declaring a state of alarm for managing the situation of health crisis caused by the COVID- 19 , located in any of the following situations:

to) have left to serve, totally or partially, on a temporary basis, in order to reduce the risk of infection, for reasons beyond their control, in one or more addresses to mark the health crisis of COVID- 19 .

(b) is defunct his contract for reasons beyond the control of the worker and this extinction is due to the health crisis of COVID- 19 .

The facts drivers should have occurred since the day 14 March, the date of entry into force of Royal Decree 463 / 2020 , 14 March.

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