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Tape job

The sealing of the demand for labor will automatic until the 31 December 2020 .

The Employment office respond to those who stand for first hour ( 09 . 00 hours), which will be assigned to the corresponding number for subsequent attention, being the only handling the new expecición cl@ves to realize their paperwork online.

Mailbox demand: dp 52 demanda@sepe.esMailbox. This is only for initial high and update data. If you are going to apply for delivery, needless sending the request of high in this mailbox, demand will automatically when gestine delivery.

Processing of benefits

Previous appointment by our website: https :// Telephone i WITHOUT POSTING PRESENCIAL the office of benefits.

Making a delivery presolicitud, shall be by SEPE's website, in the section dedicated to COVID- measures 19 . If you are in a situation of unemployment NO motivated by ERTE/form for individual pre-solicitud unemployment benefits.

* Cannot be duplicating the same application in various ways (previous appointment and presolicitud).

Information on employment plans of Melilla

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Documentation employment plans government delegation in Melilla

Mailbox for presentation of allegations to the list of employment Plan of the Autonomous City of Melilla. (Will remain active until 14 December, inclusive). Note that this mailbox will not address other issues: dp 52

For Telephone atencíón:

RATEL: 952 99 07 98 (locution Option 2 )