Information for companies to work and COVID- 19

The Royal Decreto-Ley 11 / 2021 , 27 may, allows for the extension of all ERTE based on a case of force majeure COVID- related 19 , until 30 september 2021 It will also continue to implement the ERTE both impediment as existing limitation to date.

It is not necessary to refer collective application to extend the benefits of the extraordinary ERTE COVID- 19 they are in force 01/06/2021 .

Casualties in the benefits that should not be seen from 01/06/2021 should communicate through the corresponding files monthly activity (XML). It will be sent, in these cases, the file before the end of the monthso as to avoid incorrect payments.

Basic guide processing unemployment benefits

Below you will find the basic guide for dealing with unemployment benefits for suspension or reduced working hours as a result the COVID- 19 after the entry into force of the royal Decreto-Ley 30 / 2020 , 29 september.

The procedure for implementation certific@ 2 in addition to the official attendant of this application provides a simplified wizard which carries out the calculations of the days of activity. Completed estimates "buttonXML"generates a file in this format that may be sent by the application. Mäs information on the button"Help", within the own generator. Here you can download the wizard XML.

Request provision ERTE

Collective application of unemployment benefits for suspension or reduced working hours as a result of the COVID- 19

Workers affected by such ERTE do not have to make any formalities to apply for benefits unemployment benefit to the public employment service Estatal (SEPE).

The request submitted by the company on behalf of all the workers affected by the measure. You can find here the staffing table for the application, collectively by the company, on unemployment benefits for suspension or reduction of the day COVID- 19 .

How to forward the collective application?

You can introduce the collective application through Electronic site SEPE

Low ERTE allowance

Following the entry into force of the royal Decreto-ley 30 / 2020 the SEPE has abolished compulsory referral of the model communication Excel.

In the delivery, for payment purposes, will be communicated by the company exclusively through the XML files periods of activity.

Collective application of extraordinary benefit workers discontinuous

Is already available in the electronic site SEPE shipping service of the collective application of discontinuous fixed.

The application will from the day 1 october 2020 until 30 october if the closing down occurred before this date.
If the closing down occurs after the entry into force of the royal Decreto-ley 30 / 2020 the request shall be fifteen days after the legal situation of unemployment, meaning the closing down of ERTE by having achieved the expected completion date of the activity.

Below you will find the model of collective application for the provision of working people with permanent contracts batch jobs or fixed and newspapers that are repeated in certain dates that have been affected by ERTE, once the campaign.

Link to the staffing table

Webinar: intervention on the basic guide for processing unemployment benefits by ERTEs COVID- 19

This webinar was organized by the General Council Official college graduates and delivered by Social Alfredo Martínez-otero Alemany, deputy assistant director of unemployment benefits of SEPE.