In the Decreto-ley Real 15 / 2020 , 21 April, complementary urgent action to support the economy and employment, there are extraordinary measures in unemployment protection to workers fijas-discontinuas and fixed work and newspapers that are repeated in certain dates

Fixed the workers and those who discontinuous work fixed and newspapers that recur in certain dates, within period of inactivity productive, and therefore, awaiting the arrival of the date in which would return your call and effective without the crisis of COVID- 19 may also benefit from the measures contained in subparagraph 1 article 25 from Decreto-ley Real 8 / 2020 , 17 March, extraordinary urgent action to tackle the economic and social impact of COVID- 19 .

These measures will be applicable until 31 December 2020

Those workers who do not belong to the previous group and find suspended its service delivery as a result of the impact of COVID- 19 during periods that, in case of not having attended this extraordinary circumstance, had been of activity, and as a result become beneficiaries of unemployment benefit, will be able to return to it, with a maximum of 90 days, when they return to be legally unemployed.

To determine the period of not having crowded this circumstance would have been working activity, will the actually worked for the individual worker during the previous calendar year based on the same employment contract. If the first year, there will be periods of activity of other comparable workers in the company. This action applies to the same right consumed, and recognized automatically by the managing body when the concerned requests its resumption.

Workers attesting that, as a result of the impact of COVID- 19 , have been unable to return to their activity in the date scheduled and were receiving assistance at that time, will not suspended the right to the benefit or subsidy to come receive.

If the date on which they due rejoin the activity were not receive unemployment benefits by having exhausted, but credited the period priced necessary to obtain a new contributory benefit, the corporate certification of the impossibility of return will be legally unemployed for the recognition of the right to such provision.

In the Royal Decreto-ley 30 / 2020 , 29 September of social measures in defense of employment establishes an extraordinary new benefit for workers and discontinuous fixed who perform work for fixed and newspapers that recur in certain dates, lasting until the day 31 January 2021 .

Will be eligible for this new provision::

  • Those who stop being affected by a ERTE COVID to achieve the date in which had completed its period of activity. In this case, the company has presented a collective application on behalf of their workers. They will recognize this regular benefits while having quotations enough to access the ordinary contributory benefit.
  • Workers who are or have been beneficiaries of one or several measures of the lyrics (b) to (d) of Article 25 . 6 from Decreto-ley Real 8 / 2020 if an exhausting before the day 31 January 2021 are unemployed and without the right to receive unemployment benefits of contributory level or care. In this case will be the own workers who have to submit an application.