Measures flexibilizacion agricultural jobs

The Decreto-ley Real 13 / 2020 , 7 April, which measures urgent agricultural jobs, aims to encourage hiring workers in the agricultural sector through the establishment of extraordinary measures of relaxation of employment, social and labour, necessary to ensure the maintenance of farming, during the rule of alarm.

These steps will affect employment contracts are temporary to develop activities can regime and dependence on farms, regardless of the professional category or specific occupation of the employee, whose signature and completion fall within the period of the state of alarm.

Beneficiaries of extraordinary measures of labour flexibility.

1 . May be beneficiaries of measures of temporary loosening who from the 09/04/2020 located in any of the following situations:

  • Unemployed or cessation of activity.
  • Contract workers temporarily suspended as a result of the temporary closure of the activity of agreement with the article 47 the text of the law of the status of workers.
  • Migrant workers whose work permit end in the period 14 March 2020 and 30 September 2020 .
  • Young people between 18 and 21 years third-country nationals, which in a regular situation.

2 . Can benefit from the flexibility measures persons who have the homes next to the workplace.

Compatibility of employment benefits

1 . The remuneration perceived by labour activity played under the extraordinary measures of more flexible labour will be consistent:

  • With unemployment benefit for temporary workers included in the Agricultural Special System of Social security, or with agricultural income of temporary workers included in the Agricultural Special System of Social security residing in the autonomous communities of Andalucía and Extremadura.
  • With unemployment benefits arising from the suspension of the contract for economic reasons, technical, organizational or production, according to the article 47 the law of the status of workers, excluding those that have their origin in measures under Articles 22 , 23 and 25 from Royal Decree 8 / 2020 , 17 March, extraordinary urgent action to tackle the economic and social impact of COVID- 19 .
  • With any other unemployment benefit regulated in the title (III of the text of the General law of Social security.
  • With severance benefits of activity motivated by the causes under Article 331 the text of the General Law of Social securityexcluding those that have their origin as provided in Article 17 from Royal Decree Law 8 / 2020 , of 17 March, extraordinary urgent action to tackle the economic and social impact of COVID- 19 .
  • With any other provision of an economic or any other benefit or social aid granted by any administration, which is incompatible with the work, or that, without being, as a result of revenues earned by the working activity exceed income limits specified in the regulations correspndiente the type of delivery.

Income from this work will not be taken into account for the purposes of income limits established for the Social security benefits.


Competent Administrations and social actors will promote the hiring of persons who are in the circumstances described in this Royal Decree law.

Las empresas y personas empleadoras ​deberán presentar para su gestión, una oferta de empleo ante el servicio público de empleo autonómico correspondiente, a los que deberán comunicar las contrataciones acogidas al presente Real Decreto ley.

The public employment service will identify State these contracts and forward the information to the corresponding authorities, competent public administrations, and in any case to the labour authority, to the inspection of work and Social security and the secretariat of state of Migrations.

The public employment service automatically resume State unemployment benefits suspended when you try to contracts as envisaged in this Royal Decree law.

To determine the amount and the days of delivery consumed people receiving unemployment benefits that the unified system of payment, will not be considered real days worked in these engagements.