Temporary contract workers

Since the 21 July 2020 cannot be sought exceptional Grant to Temporary contract.

The Decreto-ley Real 11 / 2020 , 31 March, for which urgent measures are taken complementary in the social and economic field to address the COVID- 19 regulates unemployment benefit exceptional for end of temporary contract.

May benefit from this allowance workers to which they had been extinguished a fixed-term contract of at least two months, even if the termination of the contract has occurred prior to 02/04/2020 , the date of entry into force of the royal Decreto-ley 11 / 2020 provided that occurs after 14/03/2020 , the date of entry into force of Royal Decree 463 / 2020 , 14 March.


The worker must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered as a jobseeker in public employment services and sign the commitment of activity. During the rule of alarm, the registration as a jobseeker will be automatically by the public employment service competent, for instance of SEPE.
  • Not having the quotation needed to access another benefit or subsidy by unemployment.
  • Have ceased involuntarily, starting from 15 March 2020 in a contract employed Time Bound existierá during which the obligation to contribute by unemployment and which has been equal to or more than two months.
  • Lack of income, of any nature, above the 75 % of the minimum wage, excluding the share of two special payments. (Amounts for this year).
  • Not be receiving any minimum income, income of inclusion, or social wage similar aid granted by any Public administration.
  • Do not be working or self-employed full time in the date of termination of the contract or in the date of birth of the grant exceptional.


The worker completes the pre-solicitud form individual delivery available in the electronic site will SEPE effects of provisional application, and sends it to the managing body through the same seat.

Likewise, it may submit the form through the media laid down in Article 16 the law 39 / 2015 , 1 October, administrative procedure common of public administrations.

The deadline for submission will begin from the day 5 of May and ending the day that meets one month from the date on which the expiry of the declaration of a state of alarm, both inclusive. if presents outside the time specified, it will not presented.

Duration and amount

The right to grant exceptional will be born from the day following that in termination of the contract of fixed-term work. In case the period that corresponds to the annual paid leave has not been enjoyed prior to the completion of the employment relationship, the birth of the right occur after that period.

The duration of a month, expandable if it is determined by royal Decreto-ley and may not be seen in more than one occasion.

Exceptional grant aid in the form of a monthly 80 percent of indicator public of income of Multiple Effects (IPREM) current and your payment will be made by the public employment service State from the month following the application.

The quotations accredited by the worker for the fixed-term work extinct and the previous that have not been used, if any, may be taken into account, in its case, for the recognition of a future benefit.