If society is qualified before requesting the single payment and statutes reflect a start date of activity other than the actual date of high of workers, is there any problem?

If you want to benefit from the single payment contributory unemployment benefit, must be holder of the aforementioned provision when present the application of single payment and not having started the activity before submitting this request.

The payment of the provision was conducted at once by the amount corresponding to the compulsory contribution established, in general, in each cooperative, or by the amount for the acquisition of shares or representation of social capital in a society labour, (in both cases, requirement for accessing the status of partner or partner). Could not obtain payment Only if doing this disbursement before the application of payment.

If at the time of the request, is part of a cooperative or labour society previously created, and therefore already made the disbursement necessary to acquire the status of partner or partner, but has not yet been initiated the activity or workers are high in Social security, can only obtain payment Only for the quotas.

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