When you receive the resolution of have earned an undue collection of unemployment benefit, in which he communicates the exact amount of the amount to return, it may request the deferred payment of this amount. It should do in writing before the Public employment service State (SEPE) and has 30 days of notification.

In the application of splitting must justify the monthly amounts to return to their occupational circumstances, through exposure of their economic situation, personal circumstances and the guarantee for its return.

The number of periods may not exceed 60 months, unless authorized the overall direction of public service jobs State. The amount owed be charged equivalent to the interest of delay in force in each moment, during the duration of splitting.

Once settled the application of splitting a resolution in which consist:

- The full amount to return (main).

- The amount of interest.

- The total amount to be paid.

- The number of maturities and the date of the first expiration.

- The monthly level to pay.

- The date on which it should make payments.

- The bank and the account number where payment.

If you do not make the entry of any fractional amounts to maturity, there will be an immediate injunction to compel the full amount outstanding of entry, issuing the corresponding certification of discovered.

If you make the application of splitting the expiration volunteer, the amount owed will increase with legally established charges.