How Do I know if my application for benefits is adopted or rejected?

Submitted the request of benefits, the public employment service State (SEPE) is required to pass a resolution expresses in all procedures and to notify the person concerned. Once is resolved its application for benefits, you will receive at home or in which we have provided for notifications, the resolution of the SEPE stating if your application has been approved or rejected, indicating the reasons in the latter case.

However, at any time, you will be informed on the status of your file:

  • On page SEPE website (if you have a digital certificate, DNI electronic or username and password cl@ve.
  • In our telephone to citizenship.
  • In the office of benefits in his application, upon request of quotes (by phone or SEPE website).

If within three months from the date of filing the request, has not received the resolution, you can understand that he has been denied by administrative silence. In this case, you can file a claim prior to the courts.