The right to unemployment benefit is extinguished by becoming a pensioner benefits. If at the age of retirement, does not meet the requirements for its collection, you can continue taking unemployment benefit, provided that present a certificate issued by the National Institute of Social security (INSS).

Unemployment benefit can be seen while partial retirement pension or retirement pension recognized in a different system into Spanish.

In these cases, if the delivery is an unemployment subsidy, compatibility will be conditional to continue without rents monthly themselves of any kind that exceeds 75 % of the minimum wage (SMI), excluding the proportional part of the extra pay (the amount of pension, with a pro rata for extra pay, would take into account as the rent). Moreover should continue by crediting, where appropriate, family responsibilities.

You can communicate their retirement in the office of his home benefits prior quote request via Internet or electronic site del Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal si dispone de certificado digital, DNI electrónico o usuario y contraseña Cl@ve.