What are compatible unemployment benefits?

Contributory benefit or unemployment benefit is compatible with:

  • Part-time work (this implies detract from the amount of benefit part time worked).
  • Partial retirement and pensions or economic benefits of Social security that were compatible with the job that gave rise to the benefit.
  • Pensions recognised and paid by a state other than english.
  • The work of social partnership.
  • The employment contracts signed under the programme of substitution of working people in training.
  • Legal compensation appropriate by the expiry of the work contract.
  • Scholarships and state aid to compensate for expenses of transportation, accommodation and meals, which receives for assistance to occupational training actions envisaged in the professional training for employment or other funds funded by the public employment service.
  • The practices in public or private entities that form part of relevant studies carried out in the framework of collaboration between those and the institution concerned, provided that it does not require full-time and money that they perceive to be limited to compensate for material expenses, travel, accommodation or maintenance, that assistance to such practices pose.
  • El ejercicio retribuido de cargos públicos o sindicales que supongan dedicación parcial.
  • Social security benefits by son or daughter.
  • The self-employment, if it notices contributory benefit has ceased, with a total and definitive its work and are discharged as individual self-employed woman, or incorporated as a partner of a person labour society, or as a person working partner of a cooperative of work associated with new and it comes under the Special Regime of Social security, as appropriate. You can do for a maximum of 270 days or if he is less time of delivery due, for that period. You must apply for compatibility in term of office 15 days from the date of launch activity.
  • If she is over 52 years and receives an allowance for unemployment, with a contract compatibilizarlo full time permanent or temporary, provided that the duration is greater than 3 months.

The person receives a grant by unemployment, note that in all the above assumptions, except in the last point, you can bring this allowance if income continues to lack of any kind above 75 per cent of the national minimum wage.(SMI)continues to support and family responsibilities if, in his case, he took into account to access the subsidy.