How Do I know if the XML file has been sent correctly received by the SEPE?

Preprocessed after the communication to the public employment service State (SEPE), you will be notified the result of this -Preprocessing, usually before 24 hours.

The notification shall be in the email address listed in the database of the application Certific@ 2 for the user that appears as a representative in each of the files of communication.

The input of such information is an obligatory part of that process.

The message sent will contain the identifier of communication which is met and a XML file format, which follows the structure of the corresponding outline XSD published by the SEPE.

In particular, the the file structure to answer is:

  • Block of data that contains the information of the original communication sent by the company.
  • Block of data showing the result of treatment of the file, which is located at the end of the file XML response. This block contains the following information:
    • Result of processing the communication.
    • Number of workers included in the communication.
    • Number of workers processed successfully.
    • A block with errors associated with those workers who have been processed with error.
    • A block with the mistakes of generic type (errors in the data of the person representative or the company) detected in the communication.
  • Fingerprint of the content of the file.

The result of the processing of a communication can be:

  • Processed: when all workers included in the communication are processed.
  • Partially processed: when some of those workers of communication are not processed.
  • Rejected: when we get process any worker due to a bug in generic data of communication (data of the company or its representative) or because there is error in all those workers.

Searches of hardworking people who cannot be prosecuted, will also be included in the response file along with an identification code of the cause of error. The meaning of these codes can be seen in subparagraph: "Help XML _ Tables of codes application response ".