Right of option

If the worker becomes unemployment benefit and starts to work for others, at least 360 days, the delivery is extinguished. But to be again in legal situation of unemployment, if adopted a new benefit, without having exhausted the previous one, you can choose between continuing with her benefits old (for the period remaining and bases, percentage and ceilings due) or benefit which led to the new quotations from which was suspended the delivery before. The term to choose, in writing, is 10 days since approves the new benefit.

If the worker chooses the provision above, quotations that led to the new provision that has not selected, could not be taken into account to adopt a provision later.

If the worker is fixed discontinuous may also choose, if not extinct unemployment benefit before, between continue with this provision or receive a new, if justifies a period of quoted occupation of at least 360 days and complies with the rest of requirements. In this case, if you choose to continue with the previous delivery was suspended, contributions that have led to the new provision (which has not chosen) it may be taken into account for the recognition of another later.

If the worker is gaining unemployment benefit and has not dried up, and starts to work on their own account, if after cease in such work and is entitled to protection by cessation of activity, may elect to receive this benefit or continue with unemployment benefit that had not exhausted. if you choose the provision that had not exhausted, contributions that have led to the provision for cessation of activity that has not chosen, will not be considered to adopt a provision later.