Unemployment benefit is perceived after the involuntary loss of a job. The amount that is perceived depends on contributions made during periods worked. Includes the Social security benefits, temporary incapacity, invalidity, death and survival, protection to the family and health care.

  • Be English or Spanish.
  • Found in legal situation of unemployment.
  • Register as a jobseeker, remain registered or registered while drawing the benefit, credit be available to actively seek employment and to accept a gluing and fulfilling the commitment of activity that is included in the application.
  • Having priced in Spain a minimum period of 360 days within six years prior to the date of emigration, and that these quotations have not been taken into account to access a benefit earlier.
  • Not be receiving unemployment benefit in any other state of European Economic Area Swiss or.
  • Failed ordinary age required in each case to qualify for the Spanish retirement pension, except that it could not be accessed by not achieving the qualifying period that is required.

Obligations, offences and penalties


The duration depends on contributions made within 6 years prior to the date of emigration, provided that have not been taken into account for a previous delivery. (Duration provision).

In the case of having worked part-time, every day is considered as one day priced, without taking into account the day.


The daily amount of unemployment benefit during the first six months is the 70 % of the regulatory base (calculated according to the foundation of professionals contingencies 180 Last days quoted, except for overtime), and the 50 % from the day 181 until the end of the delivery.

There is a minimum and maximum delivery depending on the sons or daughters in charge (amounts for this year).

Are considered sons or daughters in charge if under 26 years or older or disabled children or received, living with you and have no monthly incomes above the minimum wage.

The gross amount of its provision shall two types of deductions:

  • The quotation to Social security.
  • The withholding of IRPF, when appropriate.

The payment of the service and the unemployment allowance will exceptions, through the payment in the account of the financial institution that you indicate, whenever holder of the same.

  • Official application model.
  • National identity document (DNI) or passport.
  • Certificate of emigrants returned or returned, issued by the areas or units of labour and social affairs delegations Subdelegations or government, indicating the date of return and time worked in the country of emigration, or form Or 1 USUAL or 301 if it returns of a member country of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, or liaison form where the periods worked in a country with which there is agreement on protection by unemployment.

You must register as a jobseeker in the employment office due for their home, in the fifteen days from the date of his return from abroad (it is advisable to make the return ticket or other document that justifies it), and request, providing documents that indicate depending on your situation.

Should submit the request within 15 working days to return from abroad through:

You can get more information on the phone of attention to citizenship