Three-year Plan to prevent and reduce long-term unemployment 2019 - 2021

Among the major challenges facing our society, and in particular public employment services - SEPE and SPE the CC.AA.-, is the push action to curb, on the one hand, and reduce the high unemployment rates with marked territorial features, gender and age, encouraging an adjustment of social inequality, heavily overgrown during the years of crisis, but has failed sufficiently reduced in this period of economic recovery.

Since the ministry of work, migrations and Social security has been committed to undertake in an orderly manner and precise actions and measures necessary to contribute to the development of a new more inclusive productive model with long-term strategies that promote strategic support measures.

With the Plan REINCORPORA-T pursued:

  • Make a bet for the smart, sustainable growth and inclusive reflected in the "Strategy Europa 2020 ", considering and recognizing, through active employment policies, employment potential of the active population that are relegated to situations of long-term unemployment or job insecurity.
  • Establish efficient mechanisms to return to the labour market of people living in long-term unemployment that, by different circumstances, such as corporate restructurings, changes in the labour market itself or as a result of the incorporation of new technologies and innovations to productive processes are with strong barriers to access to new employment.
  • Integrate into the labour market to persons excluded and particularly vulnerable, as part of the fight against social exclusion and impoverishment of households.
  • Improve diagnoses of employability, identification and characterization of vulnerabilities before employment, to provide adequate support in resources and needs of attention to each person stop participant in the PLAN, as well as to facilitate in certain cases the personal decision to continue in the job market or leave it definitively by retirement.

The Plan REINCORPORA-T centred on two transverse dimensions:

  • The promotion of specific actions for entering the labour market of the long-term unemployed
  • The promotion of preventive nature of the proceedings of public employment services, social partners and other social entities, to identify risk factors and vulnerability to employment in people stops

The objectives of this Plan REINCORPORA-T addressed to long-term unemployed are:

  • Reduce the unemployment rate of long duration (TPLD) on active population in 2, 5 percentage points (p.p.), from 6 , 8 % for the fourth quarter of 2018 to 4 , 3 % in the fourth quarter of 2021 .
  • Halve the current gender gap between men and women in PLD.
  • Decrease in 12 the current p.p. difference between the PLD of 24 months in demand for employment and PLD of 12 to 23 months in demand for employment.
  • Decrease the current PLD difference between age groups.

The Plan to prevent and reduce long-term unemployment encompasses 63 measures, divided into 6 axes, designed under a holistic perspective and systemic, allowing its combination and adjustment to each profile and needs regarding insertion.

Through the axes defined, in line with the objectives set, the areas of priority action in the coming 3 years: reduce long-term unemployment, combat the gender gap in employment and retrieve the quality of employment.

Reflects support measures for socially responsible companies with the insertion of long-term unemployed and other vulnerable groups.

Besides activation measures for employment increases the economic protection against the long-term unemployed with the recovery and improvement of older allowance 52 years.

The three-year Plan to prevent and reduce long-term unemployment 2019 - 2021 has been developed in collaboration with other ministries, the High Commissioner for the demographic challenge, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and provinces, autonomous communities and has been consulted employee and employer organisations more representative.