Sets the developments Decreto-Ley Real 16 / 2013 , measures to encourage the recruitment stable and improving employability of workers.

I) work contracts with practices by temporary work agencies (art. 4 Decreto-Ley Real 16 / 2013 )

In the case of workers employed in practices and placed at the disposal of user companies, these shall be entitled, in the same terms, identical to the bonuses that contained in Article 7 the law 3 / 2012 , 500 euro/year during 3 or 700 euro/year in the case of women, when seamlessly, conclude with these workers an employment contract indefinitely.

(II) Real change 1529 / 2012 , 8 November that develops the contract for the training and learning and set the foundations of the dual vocational training with extension that allows for contracts for the training and learning not associated with certificates of professionalism or training titles (final disposal second and final disposal 6th)

In contracts for training and learning to subscribe to the 31 December 2014 in cases where there is no title of vocational or certificate of professionalism related to the actual work to perform or training centres available for delivery, training activity inherent in these contracts shall comprise the minimum content orientative set in the formative specialities file, accessible for consultation on the website of the Public employment service State and in the web pages of public employment services for autonomous communities, for occupations or specializations relating to work under the contract; in its default, shall comprise the formative contents determined by companies or reported by these to public service state employment and public employment services for autonomous communities, the validation under the National System of employment.

(III) employment contract indefinitely for entrepreneurs part time (art. 2 Decreto-Ley Real 16 / 2013 )

The employment contract indefinitely supporting entrepreneurs may be formalized after the entry into force of the royal Decreto-Ley 16 / 2013 both full time as partial; the contracts formalised before the entry into force of the royal decreto-ley quoted may reduce its day turning This part time and maintain the bonus.

(IV) part-time Contracts (art. 1 the royal Decreto-Ley 16 / 2013 )

After the entry into force of the royal Decreto-Ley 16 / 2013 , 20 December, workers hired part time may not perform overtime, except in the cases referred to in Article 35 . 3 the status of the workers.