The National reference centres (CRN) are public centres of innovation and experimentation vocational training. Sectoral in nature, are located in different autonomous communities and, for its facilities and trajectory, are considered of excellence, both in the development of research and training; for assistance to these courses unemployed workers of all the CC.AA can receive scholarships and grants for your travel to a CRN. More information on National reference centres

National reference centres for family professional and autonomous communities
Professional family/Area
Reference centres
Courses and
Image and sound. photographic Productions Audiovisual production. CRN photographic production and broadcast media. National centre for Vocational Occupational of advanced technologies of Zaragoza Aragon
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  • Further Actions
    • Study of training needs and development of programmes of action.
    • Elaboration of a certificate of professionalism in the form of elearning.
    • Update of certificates of professionalism
    • Development of learning guides of the certificates of professionalism.
    • Erasmus + exchange project
Electricity and electronics. Electrical utilities, Telecommunication facilities, electronic equipment CRN of electronic and electrical installations. Centre for research and Training of Torrelavega . Cantabria
Food industry. Drinks, Wine, oil and grease CRN wines and oils. National centre for occupational Training Ciudad Real Castilla-La Mancha
Energy and water. Water, Gas and Electricity CRN of electricity, gas and water. National centre for occupational Training Guadalajara Castilla-La Mancha
Agraria.Agricultura CRN of agriculture. National centre for Vocational Occupational Don Benito. Badajoz Extremadura
Food industry. Bakery, confectionery, confectionery and milling industries. Meal. foods, Dairy Products. CRN of meat, milk-based Industries, panificables and diverse. National centre for occupational Training Salamanca Castile and León
Livestock Farmers. CRN raising of livestock. Training centre For Agricultural and experiences of Lorca. Murcia Murcia
Socio-cultural services the community. Cultural and recreational activities The national reference centre of Cultural and recreational activities. CNFPO The Espinar. Segovia Castile and León
Transport and car maintenance of vehicles. Electro Coachwork by vehicles. The national reference centre electro coachwork and vehicles. CNFPO Valladolid Castile and León
Hospitality and Agro-tourism. The national reference centre of agro-tourism. College hotel and tourism Extremadura . Merida. Badajoz Extremadura
Fisheries maritime fishing and sailing. The national reference centre of fishing and sailing. Polytechnic Atlantic Fisheries Maritime Vigo Galicia
Information and communications technology systems and telematics. CRN computer systems and telematics. Think Ict new technologies La Rioja
Building and civil works. Masonry and finishes. Structures. Placement and reassembly. Projects and follow-up Machinery works of construction. National reference center for construction and civil works. CNFPO Paracuellos Madrid
Electricity and electronics mechanical Machines. The national reference centre of mechanical Machines. CNFPO Leganés Madrid
Information and communications technology. Communications. National reference center software development and communications. CNFPO Getafe Madrid
Cold and air-conditioning installation and maintenance. The national reference centre of cold and air conditioning. CNFPO Moratalaz Madrid
Administration and management. Finance and insurance Administration and audit. The national reference centre of administration, insurance and finance. Insurance centre Fuencarral and finance Madrid
Image and sound live shows. The national reference centre shows. The centre of entertainment Technologies Ministry of education, culture and sport
Trade and marketing. Marketing and pr Sale. National reference center of commerce and digital marketing agency. EOI (Escuela de organización Industrial )/ Registrar Ministry of industry, tourism and trade
Food Industries canned vegetables. The national reference centre of canned vegetables. Iq of Training and experience Agrarias de Molina de Segura Murcia
Energy and water. Renewable energy Efficiency. The national reference centre for renewable energy. CNFPO Imarcoain CENIFER. Navarra
Health care. Health services and products For health care. The national reference centre of services, products and health care. Institute of Health Pamplona Navarra
Furniture, wood and cork. Transformation of wood and cork, installation and furnishing. The national reference centre of transformation and installation of wood and cork. CNFPO Paterna. Valencia Valencia
Chemistry. Analysis and control. Chemical process. Farmaquímica. Pulp, paper and cardboard. Transformation of polymers. The national reference centre of chemistry. CNFPO Cartagena Murcia
Trade and marketing/trade logistics and transport management. The national reference centre of Trade Logistics and transport management/innovation centre for vocational training of aragon Aragon
Extractive industries/natural stone CRN natural stone.
Marble school Purposes.
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Arts and crafts and silver/gold/gold CRN of jewellery and Gold.
Jewelry school of Córdoba
Furniture, wood and cork/Production, carpentry and movable CRN of production, carpentry and furniture.
School Real oak Wood
Arts and crafts/traditional crafts, recovery, repair and maintenance artistic, manufacturing and maintenance of musical instruments and glass and Ceramic crafts. CRN handicrafts.
Training in Handicrafts, restoration and rehabilitation of the historical, artistic, Cultural and Albayzin
Cultural service and the community/Social Care CRN of Social care.
Comprehensive Training Are Llebre
Transport and vehicle maintenance/Nautical CRN nautical academy.
Centre of the Sea
/Horticulture agrarian CRN tools.
Training centre of Los Realejos.
Graphic Arts CRN graphics.
Innovation centre and training for employment of L ’ Hospitalet
Mechanical manufacturing mechanical/actions CRN of mechanical Operations.
Innovation centre and training for employment of Sant Feliu de Llobregat
Physical and sports activities/Activities, Sports and Physical Recreation prevention and recovery CRN physical activity and sports. International centre for Innovation In the Natural environment “ Ring ”. Extremadura
Marine aquaculture and Fisheries Diving/ Aquaculture CRN and diving.
The Galician institute for training in aquaculture