Upgrade Plan del professorat

The Law 30 / 2015 , 9 September , which regulates the system of vocational training for employment in the workplace, in Article 22 . 3 specifies that the public employment service state, taking into account proposals of the autonomous communities, develop a Plan for the refinement of teachers provide training actions and for the development of a methodology técnico-didáctica aimed at the same.

Courses 2020 in CRN for trainers

Objective and implementation of the Plan

The objective of the Plan it is scheduling, delivery and assess training actions for updating and sophistication of trainers in the field of vocational training.

The Plan is implemented through the National reference centres (CRN) concerned with the proposal of the courses, select pupils, communication to the selected, as well as the provision, monitoring and evaluation of each of the formative actions.


Advertising will be on the web of SEPE and CCAA through an informative tab, and through the means that they deem necessary the CRN.

To draw up the Plan reflects the demand of vocational training detected by the following means:

  • The proposals of courses of those responsible for training and CRN autonomous communities, relating to the family professional or àrea professional competence of the Center.
  • Identification of new trends of vocational training.
  • Innovative materials or posed by new technologies, tools, industrial processes, teaching resources, new contents and methodologies …
  • Directives from the European Union (protection of the environment, biodiversity, occupational hazard prevention, information technology and communication, quality …), and implementation of public policies, as is the promotion of measures to equal opportunities, the integration of disabled, promoting personal autonomy and care for people living in unit, fight against violence against women and reconciliation of personal and family life and work.

The Commissions of coordination and monitoring of conventions CRN analyses the proposals of CRN, approve or reject.

Objectives of refresher courses for teachers technical

The overall goal these training actions is to develop the skills of the vocational training trainers, improve its teaching skills and increase their professionalism.

The specific objectivessought in the Plan for the refinement of teachers are:

• Update professional knowledge of trainers in specialty or powers which have incidence in its educational work.

• train teachers, both theory and practice, in areas of new technologies, new trends training or posing some innovation and priority areas of employment promotion.

• Complement theoretical and practical training necessary in new occupations or specialities.

• gain experience in real working environments

• meet the aspirations of promotion and professional development of teachers, enabling them to better performance of their profession.

Content of the courses

Refresher courses for teachers in the field of vocational training include specific theoretical and practical contents innovating in the area of qualified vocational CRN. Also programmed refresher courses of technical skills and competencies pedagogical favouring the application of new techniques or innovative processes in Priority areas.

Registration of refresher courses for teachers

The film SEPE PTF courses in the enterprise application SILCOI FSILBD, in the form of management ( 05 ) Work plans. The CCAA theirs to register students, burn the start of the formative actions and the completion of students with positive assessment.

These courses are designed primarily to workers: teachers, experts of vocational training for employment and training teachers, as shown in the conventions of plans of work 2017 - 2018 with the network CRN.

Selecting pupils participants in these courses will be taught centres among students who meet the requirements.

Selection criteria

Particular Centres analysed applications to develop the list of selected, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Preference will be those trainers who provide training actions today.
  • Preferential another group are teachers in unemployment at the start of the course.
  • Alignment of content with the academic and professional profile of the applicant.
  • Total number of courses offered in FP and hours taught in the last five years.
  • Suitability of the applicant's professional itinerary with the formative action

Commitment to assist the courses

Reception of applications

To attend programmed courses of the Plan, stakeholders can complete the application form in the url that the CRN provides.

If you enter the contact data on the personal tab should complete the phone and email to the centre a provider can contact the applicant.

To provide an opportunity for all the trainers applicants, the trainer can request up to three courses per year, but can only attend two courses in one year.

People living with a disability degree than or equal to 33 % may indicate the request adaptations and adjustments necessary to ensure their active participation in the course.

Application deadline

Para que el CRN pueda efectuar una selección adecuada de alumnos, se considerarán las solicitudes que se reciban 15 days before the start date of each course.


Eyewitnesses actions are considered a student has completed the course when you have attended at least the 75 % of the duration of the formative action. Also, in the formative actions in the eLearning modality will be deemed to have completed the action those students who have made at least 75 % of the periodic checks of up to their learning along the same.

The SEPE diplomas to deliver those trainers who have done a course with use. In those cases where the course is not complete or not participate with a motivation, use or proper attitude, trainers only receive a certificate of attendance.

Teaching aids unemployed

This aid is in accordance with the command TAS/ 718 / 2008 of 7 March , which develops the royal decree 395 / 2007 , 23 March, which regulates the subsystem vocational training for employment, on the subject of training and establishes the rules for awarding public subsidies to its funding.

Transport costs, support and accommodation for teachers occupied

Annex II bankable and cost charged criteria; (f) Transport costs, support and accommodation for workers busy participating in the training actions in the command TAS/ 718 / 2008 of 7 March , which develops the royal decree 395 / 2007 , 23 March, which regulates the subsystem vocational training for employment, on the subject of training and establishes the rules for awarding public subsidies to its funding.

The SEPE promote and ensure the implantation of systems and devices of continuous improvement of quality in establishments offering the formative actions, through the assessment of the quality, and fix criteria and indicators agree with the Resolution 27 April 2009 , the public employment service state, which publishes the evaluation questionnaires quality of the formative actions for employment

Students trained, results and analysis of the ‘ evaluation questionnaires quality 'made by the students themselves trained and the coordinator of course be communicated to within a week since the end of the course.

Evaluation of the Plan

Annually, MTEySS and MEFP will appreciate the Plan implemented by the network based on the reports of each CRN.