Legal notice of SEPE portal

General conditions of use of the Web

The web domain sepe.es is ownership of the public employment service. The State Employment service Estatal (hereinafter SEPE) is an autonomous agency of the General state administration, whose jurisdiction are those relating to the promotion of employment, training for employment and unemployment protection. The registered office of the SEPE is located on the street Condesa de Venadito, no. 9 , 28027 , Madrid , with CIF Q 2819009 H.

The SEPE informs you that access to and use of the website www.sepe.es and all sub-domains and directories under the same (hereinafter referred to jointly as Web), as well as services or contents that through it to obtain are subject to the terms of which are set out in this Legal notice, without prejudice to that access to any of these services or contents could indicate the acceptance of additional general conditions. All this with the aim of fulfilling the role of general information and attention to the citizen in the terms of article 4 the royal decree 208 / 1996 , 9 february, regulating the management information services and attention to the citizen, as well as the provision of employment-related services, training, and unemployment benefits.

Thus, if any in-depth considerations in this Legal notice are not of their agreement, please do not use the Web, since any use of the same or of the services and contents included in it will involve the acceptance of terms contained in this text. In this regard, “ user ” shall mean any person accessing, browsing, use or participate in services and activities carried out on the Web.

The terms and conditions that are reflected in the present Notice may vary without prior notice, so we invite you to review these terms when you visit the Web. The SEPE is not responsible for damage caused by the use of the tools and information contained on the Web site in connection with the adoption of decisions on the initiation, development or as a result of administrative procedures. Such decisions must be sustained in the centres, agencies or departments. In any case, information and content of this site may not be pleaded contradictory processes with the public administration, not taking responsibility for any discrepancies that might exist between the printed documents by the competent authority and the electronic publication on these pages.

Using the Web site, its services and contents

The SEPE facilitates access free of the information contained in the Site (texts, graphics, sound files and/or images, photos, designs, or any other), however, it is prohibited:

  • Their reproduction, copying, distribution, dissemination, public communication, transformation or modification, without the authorization of their legitimate owners or is legally permitted. However, is permitted to copy and distribute always pages citing the source and the date on which the copy, not tamper with or alter the content and not used directly for commercial purposes. Similarly, the SEPE authorises the download free of the manuals, print, and publishing information materials included in the Web for purposes of reproduction and distribution, unless specified otherwise, explicitly on the website.
  • Any violation of the rights of the SEPE or their legitimate owners.
  • Use commercial or advertising purposes other than those legally permitted.
  • Any attempt to retrieve the contents by any means other than those available to it or normal business on the Internet and in that case, provided that it was not caused any prejudice to the SEPE.

Los textos que se ofrecen en la Web tienen carácter meramente informativo, es decir, carecen de validez jurídica. Para fines jurídicos, deberán consultarse los textos publicados en los Boletines y Diarios Oficiales.

Web access, as well as the use that may be made of the information contained therein, are the exclusive responsibility of the user. The SEPE is not liable for any consequence, damage or injury that might result from this access or use of information, with the exception of those proceedings arising from the application of legislative provisions should be strict in the exercise of its powers.

Internet users should be subject to the following conditions:

  • To facilitate, in the event that for certain services accessible via the Web is necessary to complete a form of access, true and legal information in the use of the services offered through this website, recognizing take full responsibility for the information provided. The Site allows the creation of user accounts for citizens and companies interested in using certain services offered by this website.
    Authentication is conducted by means of electronic identity card, electronic certificate recognized admitted by the General state administration, as well as user ids and passwords supplied by the public employment services.
    In no case shall the SEPE responsible for the contents provided by the users, but will act diligently in the elimination of illegal contents, morals and order, as aperciba.
  • Use the site and its services without contravening the present general conditions and those other particular conditions which govern it as well as existing legislation, good faith, generally accepted uses or public order.
  • Not to use the Web or its services for unlawful purposes or which may lead to an injury to the SEPE or any third party, or that may cause injury or prevent the normal functioning of the same.

Quality of information

The SEPE reserves the right to make changes to the site without notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add or remove the contents of the website or its design. The contents and services offered by the Web are regularly updated, it is therefore recommended to check the validity and accuracy of information, services and contents included in the web.

Availability of information and services

The SEPE does not guarantee the perfect operation of the communications network, without any liability on the availability of your server. The server may be disconnected without prior notice. The SEPE is not liable for any damage or injury suffered by the user from the access to this server or the use of information or applications contained therein.

Intellectual and industrial property

Both the design of the website and its source codes, such as logos, marks and other distinctive signs apearing in the same, belong to the SEPE or partners unless a different title and are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights, like the images and other content available on the server of the SEPE.

Use, reproduction, distribution, marketing, public communication, transformation or any other activity similar or analogous, is prohibited to constitute a violation of intellectual property rights of the SEPE or that which is a holder, except in cases of express authorisation of the SEPE. Unauthorized use of the information contained in the Web, as well as the losses incurred in the intellectual and industrial property rights of the SEPE may give rise to the exercise of the actions attributed by law.

The license to use any Web content given to the user is limited to the discharge by the user of such content and the private use of it, provided that the above-mentioned contents remain Integral. In any case the access and navigation of the user implies a renunciation, transmission, licence or total or partial cession of these rights on the part of the SEPE.

Accordingly, it is not permitted to delete, avoid or to manipulate the copyright notice ("copyright") and any other identifying data for the rights of the SEPE or of those who have been incorporated into the contents, as well as technical devices for the protection, fingerprints or any information or identification which might be contained in the contents.

The SEPE respects the intellectual and industrial property rights of others; therefore, please contact the SEPE if you know the violation of these rights in the following e-mail: subdireccion.institucionaljuridica@sepe.es.


The SEPE expressly prohibits the realization of “ Framings ” or the use by third parties of any other mechanisms that alter the design, original configuration or Web content.

Establishment of hyperlinks or links.

Hyperlinks to other websites.

In the website have included links to websites of third parties (“ links ”), the majority to Internet pages of other public administrations, which had been deemed of interest to users. However, the SEPE assumes no responsibility arising from the connection or contents of the links to third parties are referred to in the website.

Hyperlinks from other websites.

No se permitirá a los usuarios establecer hiperenlaces desde páginas web de otros portales de Internet a cualquiera de las páginas Web del SEPE, excepto acuerdo expreso del SEPE.

Privacy policy - protection of personal data

A través de este portal (sede electrónica) no se recaban datos de carácter personal sin su conocimiento, ni se ceden a terceros.

  • Con la finalidad de ofrecerle mejor servicio y facilitar el uso, se recogen estadísticas analizándose el número de páginas visitadas, el número de visitas, y la frecuencia de uso. A estos efectos, el Servicio Público de Empleo (SEPE) utiliza la información estadística elaborada por Google Analytics.
  • The SEPE does not use cookies to collect information from users, or record the IP addresses. Cookies are used exclusively own, session, with technical purpose, in order to facilitate user navigation through the site by facilitating access to services offered as well as the various options available.

The portal, which holds the SEPE, contains links to other websites, for the privacy policies are outside the SEPE, each of them will show its privacy policy and cookies. With a general nature, can accept or reject the third party cookies from the configuration options of your browser.

Below we provide you the background information on the data protection policy in the public employment service.

Responsabile del trattamento

The public employment service Estatal (hereinafter SEPE) with registered address en Calle Condesa de Venadito n. 9 28027 - Madrid es el titular del presente Portal Web y el Responsable del Tratamiento de sus Datos, en los términos del Reglamento (UE) 2016 / 679 the european parliament and the council, 27 april 2016 (RGPD), relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the treatment of personal data and the free movement of such data and repealing directive 95 / 46 /Ec, and in accordance with Organic Law 3 / 2018 , 5 december on the protection of personal data and guarantee of the digital rights to this end, will adopt the necessary measures to avoid the alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access of personal data.

Los datos de carácter personal que pudieran recabarse directamente del interesado serán tratados de forma confidencial y quedarían incorporados a la correspondiente actividad de tratamiento titularidad del SEPE.

The updated list of activities of the SEPE treatment takes place are available on the following link to the registration of activities of the ministry of labour and Social Economy.

Purpose and legitimacy of treatment. Deadlines for Conservation of personal data. Assignments and International Transfers of personal data

The collection and automatic processing of personal data for the purpose of managing, provision, extension and improvement of services requested at each time by the user and the follow-up to queries made by users. The aim is for each of the activities of treatment that is accessible in the register of Treatment activities.

The processing of personal data is made primarily to the fulfilment of legal obligations on the part of the SEPE, or for the performance of functions carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of public powers conferred al responsabile del trattamento, mainly through the Royal Decree 1383 / 2008 , 1 de agosto, por el que se aprueba la estructura orgánica y de participación institucional del Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal en el marco del Real Decreto 208 / 1996 , 9 de febrero, por el que se regulan los servicios de información administrativa y atención al ciudadano.

Puede consultar la base legal de cada una de las actividades de tratamiento que lleva a cabo el SEPE en el registro de actividades de tratamiento.
The deadlines for conservation of their personal data will be determined depending on the rules applicable to the particular case and, in any event, during the time required to comply with the purpose for obtaining and to determine possible responsibilities which might arise from the end, in addition to the periods laid down in the regulations and administrative documentation.

In general there will be no communications of personal data to third parties, unless required by law, including estarlas communications to the ombudsman, judges and courts, please consult the targeted for each of the activities in the register of treatment activities.

Exercise of Rights

You have the right to access, rectification, deletion and portability of your data, limitation and opposition to the treatment, as well as to non-decisions solely in the automated treatment of your data, where appropriate, to the public employment service. In the case of ignoring the Organ responsible for the treatment or if you need to conduct consultations concerning data protection, may be addressed to the delegation for the protection of Data via the e-mail: dpd@mitramiss.es.

The person concerned may lodge a complaint to spanish data protection agency, when it considers that have violated their rights to protection of personal data.

The data will be gathered via the corresponding forms, which contain only the fields necessary for the processing of benefits or services that may be requested, and will be retained for the time to meet the essential services, on the basis of existing legislation, on prescription. It is up to you the updating of their own data; the public employment service State will not be liable for its inaccuracy if do not communicate changes that have been produced.

The SEPE reserves the right to modify this privacy policy to reflect current developments in legislation, jurisprudence or interpretation of speeches delivered in the Spanish data protection agency. In this case, the SEPE announced these changes, clearly indicating and advance the changes, and to request, if necessary, its acceptance of those changes.

Essential technical information

The SEPE shall obtain the minimum technical information essential to provide a good service through this website. In particular, when the user connects to the Site, the SEPE analyses exclusively the type of browser used and their version, with the objective of identifying the style sheet, and that the display of the Site is correct, as well as the language and the character set your browser with the same reason, for example, for the correct visualization of accented characters.

Multilingual Version

El presente sitio Web está traducido a varias lenguas españolas oficiales en sus respectivos territorios, de conformidad con lo establecido en el artículoof the spanish constitution ofy sus Estatutos de Autonomía. Las lenguas son el catalán, el euskera, gallego,no, english and french.

It should be pointed out that, with a general nature, cannot be a gap between the spanish version and in other languages, resulting from the translation process.

Responsibility and guarantees.

El SEPE declara que ha adoptado todas las medidas necesarias, para garantizar el funcionamiento del espacio Web, la seguridad en el intercambio de información y datos en los distintos servicios ofrecidos, evitar la existencia y transmisión de virus y demás componentes dañinos a los usuarios.

El SEPE se compromete a informar previamente al usuario final sobre los posibles mantenimientos y cortes en la disponibilidad de la página, a través de avisos y noticias establecidos en el propio sitio Web.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The law applicable in the event of a dispute or conflict of interpretation of terms that make up this Legal Notice, as well as any matter relating to the Web services, is spanish law.

For the resolution of any conflict that may arise during the visit to the website or the use of the services that it can offer, the SEPE and the user agree to be bound by the courts of the user's home, provided that the same is located in spanish territory.