Attention presencial


The attention presencial can be done either through the service of appointments or through the presentation of the relevant documents in the electronic register General:

  • Previous appointment:

In the offices of benefits will attend your requests for information and recognition of unemployment benefits. In the offices of Ceuta and Melilla are provided, moreover, services related to the labour intermediation, training for employment and other active policies of empleo.Para be cared so presencial will have appointment, which may require through the telephone service appointment or via our telematics Electronic headquarters.

  • Electronic record:

Each Administration will have an electronic record General, which will take the corresponding places of any document that is submitted or received in any administrative body, public agency or entity linked or attached to them. It may also enter in the same, the output of official documents directed to other organs or individuals. The General Electronic Registration of each Administration will act as a portal that will facilitate access to electronic records of each Organismo.Los documents that stakeholders lead to bodies of public administrations can be filed in electronic registration of the administration or agency they are visiting, as well as in the remaining electronic records of any of the article2.1... on the post offices, in the form that is established regulations; in the diplomatic or consular offices of Spain abroad; in the offices of assistance in the field of records; in any other to establish the existing arrangements.

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