The forum Being Enterprising Málaga 2016

Day 25 and 26 october 2016 held at the palace of fairs and congresses Málaga a new edition of the forum Being Enterprising.

The forum brought together in a same space and time to all the actors involved in the undertaking, with the main objective of promoting enterprise development and new business opportunities. Participants were able to find a great deal of information and resources in an orderly and adapted to their needs, as well as to deepen our knowledge and culture of entrepreneurship, business opportunities, proposals for future entrepreneurs, funding options, innovative practices that encourage job creation and solutions of rescue and reorientation for those already undertaken.

The event was attended by several spaces: a place for exhibitions and presentation of projects, a space for service companies and institutions that offer their services, without submitting a functional space where training pills were on the most interesting entrepreneur, a space devoted to training for a negotiation with investors and playful and interactive area to generate a networking free, relaxed and effective.

Registered visitors were able to download the app of the forum and accessible from their mobile devices to the map for the entrepreneur and the list of exhibitors, as well as all the programming of activities, presentations of projects, timetables and rapporteurs. Moreover, been able to explain what its project on Networking With Pin and contact with other entrepreneurs to maximize their visit to the Forum.

In parallel, during the two days took place a “ hackathon challenge ”, in which the partners presented real challenges. Participants from various professional profiles, both for students and entrepreneurs, work teams formed to find the best solution and show your project, in a presentation of not more than three minutes, before a jury expert. The award ceremony took place at the end of the forum.

The SEPE was present at the forum with a booth permanently cared by Provincial directorate Málaga under the supervision of its Provincial Director, Manuel Pérez Delgado, and it reported to the visitors on the agency, the possibility of capitalising unemployment benefit for business purposes, the modalities of contracts for individuals, bonuses and aid to the recruitment for entrepreneurs, young people and self-employment in general andOne Portal job “ Empléate ”.