Prize "Best Social Media" 2015

The European Commission has grantedEures-españathe prize "Best Social Media"to better use of social networks, within"Eures Communication Excellence awards2015"seeking reward latest initiatives within the network ‪ ‬ EURES circulated in communication with citizens.

The work of EURES- Spain in terms of social networks has broken records, both in number of users and scope of publications and participation. All this is part of the European strategy of rapprochement to citizens for a more efficient dissemination of EURES services supporting labour mobility in Europe.

EURES (EURopean Employment Services) is a network of cooperation for employment and for the free movement of workers, one of the fundamental principles of European Union. Its aim is to provide services to workers, employers, and to any citizen who wish to benefit from the principle of the free movement of people, providing information and advice about offers and demands of employment, status and evolution of the labour market and on living and working conditions of each country.

EURES puts in relation to the European commission with public employment services of the countries of the European Economic Area (member countries of the HAT, more Islandia, Norwegian and Liechtenstein), with Swiss and with other agencies. The network also includes cross-border partnerships, associations of workers, employers organisations, universities and other local and regional institutions, all interested in issues related to employment.

All the information Eures-españa is available in theSEPE website,FacebookandTwitter.