Prospective study of the fruit and vegetable sector in Spain


The public employment service State (SEPE), through the observatory of occupations, conducts research on the labour market focusing on the knowledge of economic activities and occupations, as well as in the trends and employment prospects, to know what economic activities that have better employment prospects in the short and medium term.

This report analyzes the fruit and vegetable Sector addressing different socio-economic and employment aspects related to the current situation, the trend in the labour market and employment prospects in the different areas national and provincial, with the aim of providing all the information and knowledge available that may be useful to all agents related to employment policies, growth and improving competitiveness.


  • Introduction and objectives of the study
  • Methodology
  • Sector characterization
  • Labour market
  • Status of hortofruticultura according to experts
  • The training related to the sector
  • Information of occupations
  • The profile of the internet offer
  • Annexes
  • Conclusions
  • Sources and experts consulted