Statistical data on employment

May 2010

Comprehensive statistical data

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Introduction and description of concepts Download pdf 60 May2010
Summary (graphs and tables) Descargar pdf 100 may 2010

National statistical data

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Claims are pending Descargar pdf 298 may 2010
High demand Download pdf 94 May2010
Low demand Descargar pdf 110 May 2010
Offered posts Descargar pdf 48 May 2010
Places Descargar pdf 115 May 2010

Statistical data by Autonomous Communities and provinces

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Outstanding demands Descargar pdf 627 May 2010
High demand Descargar pdf 251 May 2010
Low demand Download pdf 316 May2010
Offered posts Download pdf 116 May2010
Places Descargar pdf 62 May 2010