Is a unit technique that analyzes the status and trends of the labour market, occupations, collectives of interest to employment and the changes that occur in the same, anticipating the challenges and requirements that the labour market raises and facilitate, thus, decision-making.

What do we do?

  • We investigate on elements that allow responding to the needs in demand, as the basis for the policy of employment and training.
  • We study activities and occupations in being created or generating employment.
  • We offer information on profiles of occupations and training needs of workers.
  • We studies/reports on the labour market, collectives of interest for employment, occupations and activities, with greater presence in the territories, while its trend and prospective, in the generation of employment in the short and medium term.
  • We advocate the search for new sources of employment, movements and changes in the labour market and which modify the contents of occupations.
  • We produce information and provides technical advice to entities and agents/managers of policies for training and employment, and informs users related to the labour market and the citizen in general.
  • We participate in conferences, presentations, seminars and forums on labour market.
  • We cooperate and work with observatories in public employment services autonomist and other institutional Observatories, nationally and internationally.
  • We use technologies that facilitate the improvement, expansion and streamlining of information.

Where are we?

The Observatory of occupations of public service jobs state, has a network of technicians distributed between the central services and all provinces, who work in a coordinated manner, forming teams that are around the different activities.

This network is located in the following directions.