Scale agenda management technique autonomous agencies, speciality Employment

Theme 1

Employment policy in Spain: definition objectives and instruments for its execution. National reform programme of Spain: objectives and axes of the program with contents in terms of Active employment policies. The funds for the financing of active employment policies. European Social Fund: programming and execution of the European Social Fund. Cofinancing.

Theme 2

The Law of employment. Structure and content. Powers of State and.

Theme 3

Active employment policies. Concept, general principles, identification and types of active employment policies. Financing of active employment policies. Territorial distribution of funds. Cofinancing by funds of the HAT.

Theme 4

The coordination between administrations: instruments of National employment System. Spanish strategy is activated for employment and annual plans of employment policy: operating principles, objectives, axes, services and programs, monitoring and evaluation, financing and indicators. The information system of public employment services.

Theme 5

Services of national employment system. Users of the services. The common portfolio of services of the national system of employment. Protocols of the activities of the common portfolio of services of the national system of employment.

Theme 6

The job orientation in the SNE. The new role of public employment services. Vocational guidance presencial and telematics. The commitment of activity. Itinerary individually and personalized of employment and training. Vocational guidance for employment and self-employment assistance (OPEAS). Evaluation of activities and user satisfaction.

Theme 7

Labour intermediation. Reprofiling. Management by powers. The new role of public employment services. The public/private partnership of employment services. The placement agencies: regulation. Framework agreement with placement agencies. The temporary work agency. Current regulations. The contract of availability. Portals of employment and self-employment.

Theme 8

Network EURES (European Employment Services). Objectives of the network. Regulation. Rules. Structure. Catalogue of services. Organization EURES España-comunidades autonomous. Members and partners of the network EURES in Spain: National system of admission. Portal EURES. Aid to enhance labor mobility in Europa: Your First EURES Job, programme Reactivate, programme European body of solidarity. ESCO: classification of European occupations, skills and qualifications.

Theme 9

Program 'EASI' employment and social innovation: Axis Progress, EURES axis, axis of Microfinance. Tools and networks of support for the European labour mobility: Europass, Maric, network RIS, Europe Direct, IMI. Framework of quality for practices and lessons in labour mobility. Experiences of cooperation in the field of learning and periods of labour practices.

Theme 10

Promoting recruitment stable. Modalities, requirements and amount of incentives. Beneficiaries. Collectives whose recruitment generates right to aid. Financing of bonuses for recruitment. Coordination and management with the general treasury of Social security.

Theme 11

Shock Plan for employment Young 2019 - 2021 . Aids to recruit young. The national system of Youth Guarantee. Support programmes to youth employment of SNGJ. Financing through the operational programme of youth employment. Plan Reincorpora-T. Three-year Plan to Prevent and reduce long-term unemployment 2019 - 2021

Theme 12

Support programmes for the creation of activity and local development: local employment initiatives and agents of employment and local development. Public programs empleo-formación: workshop schools, workshops of employment and houses automatically.

Theme 13

Promotion programmes of public employment for hiring unemployed for project implementation of general interest and social: grants provided by public employment services in the areas of collaboration with local corporations and the general administration Organs of the state and its agencies autonomous. Temporary work of social partnership in public administrations. Development programmes in agricultural jobs Andalucía, Extremadura and depressed rural areas.

Theme 14

Promotion of self-employment. Grants and subsidies. Information and advice to entrepreneurs. Bonuses to Social security in the challenge. Capitalization of unemployment benefits. Employment support to work associated cooperatives and industrial societies. Self-employed workers economically dependent

Theme 15

The employment of disabled in the market protected: special employment centres, characteristics and aid; units of support for the professional activity; work enclaves. Employment of disabled persons on the ordinary market. Incentives for hiring persons with disabilities. Supported employment. Obligations of companies in hiring people with disabilities: Booking fee and alternatives.

Theme 16

The system of vocational training for employment in the workplace. Background. The Beginning of the system. Regulatory framework and current regulations. Initiatives. Funding. Links with the national system of qualifications and professional training. The National Catalogue of professional qualifications.

Theme 17

Governance of the system of vocational training for employment. Current regulations. Coordination of the system. Bodies, councils and commissions of participation of public administrations and social partners. The foundation for job training. sectoral joint Structures.

Theme 18

Programming and execution of the oferta formativa. Training programmes for busy. Training programmes for the unemployed. Funding and management training schedules. Management of training scheduled by companies. Beneficiary companies and obligations. Organization, financing and implementation of training. Single Permits training. Monitoring and control of vocational training for employment in the different training initiatives. Competences. Control the formation and règim sancionador. Evaluation and quality of the system of vocational training for employment. Quality indicators of training for employment.

Theme 19

The catalogue of formative specialities. Accreditation processes and registration training entities. The state registration entities and training centres.

Theme 20

Certificates of professionalism: structure and content. Methodological implications of its delivery by its nature of formation by powers. Typology of modules. Practical training in workplace. Modes of delivery: specifications entry requirements. The national repertoire of certificates of professionalism accreditations and registration. Supplement Europass the certificate of professionalism. The recognition of professional qualifications gained through working experience.

Theme 21

The national reference centres in the field of vocational training: purposes and functions. Creation processes, rating. Configuration of the network of national reference centres. Organization and operation. multiannual action Plans. Annual work plans.

Theme 22

The protection by unemployment. Current regulations. International conventions and community regulations in terms of protection by unemployment.

Theme 23

Contributory level of the delivery (I) the object of protection by unemployment, levels of protection. The protective action. Protected persons. Requirements for access to the delivery. The registration as a jobseeker. The legal situation of unemployment and accreditation

Theme 24

Contributory level of the delivery (II). Request, birth and conservation of law. Duration and amount. Suspension and resumption of the right to the benefit.
Cases of extinction of law. Right of option

Theme 25

Care level of protection. Unemployment benefit. Modes of subsidies. Requirements of beneficiaries. Lack of income and family responsibilities. Birth of the law. Amount and duration. Suspension and termination of the right.

Theme 26

System of unemployment benefits. Incompatibilities. Maternity, temporary incapacity and unemployment. Financial system and management of benefits. Funding. Managing body. Granting procedure and payment.

Theme 27

Single payment of unemployment benefit.
Compatibility programmes benefits. accumulated Manure and advance of contributory benefit to non-EU foreign workers return voluntarily to their countries of origin.

Theme 28

Control of unemployment benefits. Procedure for recovery of improper payments in via voluntary and in via executive. Conditions for challenging acts: preliminary claim and jurisdictional proceedings.
Corporate responsibility.

Theme 29

Regime obligations recipients of unemployment benefits. The commitment of activity. Infringements and penalties of workers and employers in terms of protection by unemployment. The job offer adequate

Theme 30

Unemployment protection of workers employed for the special system employed agrarian Social security. Applicable rules. Regular workers and fixed discontinuous. Quotation during the perception of benefits. Protection by unemployment of temporary workers. Protection by unemployment agricultural workers living in any Andalucía and Extremadura .

Theme 31

Program of income (RAI) for the unemployed with special economic needs and difficulties in finding employment. Regulation. Object. Beneficiaries: general requirements, collective protected. Duration and amount. Supplementary aid. Dynamics of law. Other complementary programmes of protection by unemployment.