The Executive Summary of the report of the Commission for the reform of the administration (CORA), when referring to the underlying principles, and improving the efficiency of public administrations via implementation of measurement system efficiency, announced that “ it may publish on the web pages of agencies processing time of procedures with greater impact on citizens, as well as variations in the same ”.

The measure of CORA0.00.001.0: Implementation of the system of measuring productivity/efficiency, has a first aspect of immediate execution, the publication of processing times10procedures for the General administration of the state more employees by citizens and businesses.

In implementation of this measure, the public employment service publishes Statemedia times procedure of unemployment benefits of public service state employment:

This procedure includes the unemployment benefit level of contributory unemployment benefit, the income, unemployment benefit of temporary workers in agrarian Andalucía and Extremadura and agricultural income for workers Extremadura and Andalucía.

In the section benefits we offer you more detailed information concerning the unemployment benefit.

From here you can consult the annual evolution the times for processing procedures of unemployment benefits the public employment service State.

Access to the times means of procedure of unemployment benefits of public service state employment since the year 2015 onwards.