Monthly briefings/annual labour market of graduates

Certificates of professionalism

Shows annual information on the labour market of the certificates of professionalism, these being the instrument of in the field of labour administration.


Certificate of professionalism in force, and as a file, is extracted information on the basis of the data recorded in the demand for employment of public employment services.


It is of a national, a yearly basis and is sorted according to the 26 Professional Families that the german national structure of professional qualifications, in terms of commonality of professional competence. Professional Families are: Physical and sports activities; Administration and management; Land; Arts And graphic arts and crafts, trade and marketing; Building and civil works; Electricity and electronics; Energy and water; Manufacture mechanical; Catering and tourism; Personal image; Image and sound; Food industries; Extractive industries; Informatics and communications; Installation and maintenance; Wood, furniture and cork; fisheries; Marine Chemistry; Health; environment; Security and socio-cultural Services: Textiles, clothing and skin; transportation and maintenance of vehicles; Glass and ceramics.