Are There to justify the investment of the money of the single payment? DO I have to return it if not I justify?

Once you have received the amount of the capitalization, within a month shall initiate the activity and deliver the documentation justifying has invested money in this activity.
Shall allocate the amount that has received the activity planned, as contained in the memory of the project which is part of the file.

In the event that the activity that has started is different from that stated in the application and memory, but conforms to the established rules of application, you must submit a new memory and complementary documentation necessary and that tells the public employment service State (SEPE).

There may be three possibilities:

1 .- That the new activity meet the legal requirements, are considered feasible the project and the amount that requires its launch conforms to the initially granted. In this case it maintains the right recognized.

2 .- That the new activity meet the legal requirements and are considered feasible the project, but the amount granted is not adapted to the new memory. In this case, the Public employment service shall State to pass a new resolution adjusting the amount recognized the new project, and if there are differences between the two amounts, I reclaim the undue collection.

3 .- That you do not meet the legal requirements, nor are considered feasible the new project. In this case, the Public employment service shall State against everything paid for payment Only.
Will the charging against abuse by the total amount capitalized liquid that would have been entered in the following cases:

  • If no activity and does not justify the reason enough.
  • If not spent the amount granted to its incorporation as a partner or a partner or as a worker of a cooperative or society.
  • If not spent quantity to activity on their own account.

If not applied or diverts unemployment benefit for purposes other than the activity object of the capitalization, can be considered falta molt greu. This is punished with the loss of unemployment benefit and in addition, with the exclusion of the right to receive any economic benefit, and in his case, with the help of employment promotion for a year.

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