Why cases can extinguish my unemployment?

The causes of extinction of unemployment benefits are:

  • The performance of work for a third party of duration equal to or greater than 12 months. If at the end of the employment relationship, it adopted a new provision, you can choose to resume the provision that it was receiving (for the period remaining and the foundation and its types) and collect the provision that the new contributions have made originated. If you choose the provision, the contributions that have led to the provision that has not chosen, could not be taken into account in a subsequent provision aprobarle. That is called the right of option.
  • The depletion of the provision.
  • The imposition of sanctions for minor offences, serious and very serious offences under the Act on infractions and sanctions in the Social order.
  • The realization of a self-employment of duration equal to or greater than 60 months, if a person is self-employed woman which is high in the special regime of Social security for self-employed or self-employed persons, or in the special regime of Social security of workers of the sea.
  • Compliance with the ordinary retirement age. If you do not meet the contribution period required to retire, can continue to receive benefit until it complies with this requirement.
  • To become a pensioner retirement age or permanent incapacity in grades of total permanent disability for the profession, absolute permanent disability for any work or major disability. In these cases of invalidity may opt for the provision more favourable.
  • The transfer of residence abroad to find or performing work, or for professional improvement or international cooperation, for a period continued to less than or equal to 12 months. if you quit abroad for reasons other than previous ones, the provision will die if stays abroad over 90 days.
  • Voluntary renunciation of delivery.
  • The death of the individual beneficiary.