What is Certific@ 2 ?

Certific@ 2 is a web application that public service state employment puts at the disposal of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and members professionals to transmit the following communications:

  • Company certificate of termination of employment.
  • Periods of activity work for women workers and discontinuous fixed affected by a file of employment regulation of suspension or reduced hours, allowing the worker, in these cases, the handling of the delivery resumed without having to travel to offices.
  • High benefits working people affected by file of regulation of employment.
  • Previous communication data on collective redundancies, suspension of contracts and reduced hours, under the command ESS/ 982 / 2013 .

Through this application is replaced the delivery of the certificate of company in paper format to the worker to present in employment offices of public service state employment. Allows You To reduce and simplify procedures, as well as expedite the resumption of unemployment benefit for certain groups of workers who have frequent periods of activity and inactivity.

The application Certific@ 2 in turn allows companies to retrieve data about the company certificates sent to the public employment service state, as well as print copies of the same.