If you are a person affected by a ERTE as a result of the extraordinary measures taken against the COVID- 19 you can consult this link.

Unemployment benefit is perceived after the involuntary loss, final or temporary employment, or following the reduction of the working day, agreed in the corresponding procedure.

The price includes Social security in cases of collective dismissal, shall be in retirement, temporary incapacity, permanent disability, death and survival, healthcare, maternity, paternity and care for children who suffer from cancer or other serious illness. In cases of suspension or reduced hours, the quotation to Social security will be done by all contingencies.

If you are affected by a or a ERTE ZIGORRIK to seek protection by unemployment, must meet the following requirements:

  • Be legal situation of unemployment.
  • Register as a jobseeker, maintain this registration while seeing the delivery and meet the commitment of activity that is included in the application.
  • To receive contributory benefit, must have worked and paid to unemployment at least 360 days, within six years prior to the date of legal unemployment and not having used contributions from this period to a previous delivery. if you have contributed a period under 360 days, you can receive unemployment benefit if, in addition to serve the remainder of requirements, has no higher incomes to 75 % of the minimum wage in force, without taking into account the proportional part of two extra pay (Amounts for this year).
  • Failed ordinary age for retirement, unless your contract has been suspended or has been reduced their working day.
  • Do not perform any activity or self-employed work full time, except compatibility established by a program to promote employment.
  • Not a pension of Social security incompatible with the work.
  • In case of contract suspension, this must be agreed in the corresponding procedure, be temporary and be caused by economic, technical, organizational, of production, or force majeure.

In case of a reduction of working day, this must have declined temporarily between a 10 and 70 %, with a similar reduction of wages, be agreed in the corresponding procedure and be caused by economic, technical, organizational or production.

Obligations, offences and penalties

The duration of contributory benefit collective redundancy depends on the time who has paid prior to the date of legal unemployment. If it is by suspension of the contract or reduction of the day, the duration of the delivery, moreover, will depend on the duration of the measure in question.

The amount of the contributory unemployment benefit total depends on the regulatory base. This is calculated taking into account the basis for professionals contingencies 180 Last days or longer.

The amount of the allowance during the 180 will be the first days 70 % of the regulatory base; from the day 181 until the end of the delivery will be the 50 %. If the resulting amount is higher or lower than the maximum or minimum amounts established, you will receive these maximum or minimum quantities as appropriate. If unemployment was partial, receives the party proportional to the hours in which was unemployed or unemployed, and consumption will benefit for hours, not days.

In cases of suspension or reduced hours, the company remains obliged to enter the 100 % of the input of corporate Social security.

The public employment service state, after deduction to the individual worker, admitted to Social security input from this with regard to the days of suspension plus the corresponding to breaks, or with respect to the shortened working hours.

For topics related to the Social security can learn through the phone 901 502 050 or in the page

It can be applied, in its case, the retention of IRPF. The percentage of this retention can climb, if you request while receive contributory benefit.

(Amounts for this year).

The payment will be made by instalments of 30 days or by the period below that, in its case, appropriate, between the days 10 and 15 the month following the month immediately accrual. It will be, exceptions, through the payment in the account of the financial institution that you indicate, whenever holder of the same.

  • Official model application contributory benefit or unemployment subsidy.
  • Identification of the applicant and the sons or daughters who live or are responsible and contained in the application; it is sufficient to the display of one of these documents:
    • Spanish and Spanish: National identity document (DNI) or passport.
    • Foreign and foreigners resident in Spain:
      • Nationals of the European Union: Certificate of registration of citizen/to the European Union, which consists NIE, together with the passport or identity document in their country of origin.
      • Non-nationals of the European Union: Identity card from foreign (TIE) which has the NIE and passport.
  • Any bank document containing the account number that is holder and where you want to receive the benefit.
  • Family Book or certification of the Civil Registry of birth or family. In the case of foreigners, a document equivalent to those mentioned above, with an official translation into Spanish..
  • Company certificate of recent 6 months worked (if it has not been sent by the company to public service state employment).

If you are applying for unemployment benefit within the statutory period, entitlement to benefit will be born the following day to be extinct or suspend your contract, or the day following the reduction of their working day, except as expressly provided or later date is due to reasons of force majeure, and provided that before that date the company has communicated to the labour department.

If the measures of temporary suspension or termination of the employment relationship or reduction of the working day, is taken in bankruptcy proceedings, the right to unemployment benefit is obtained from the date in which the judge enters the car que acordi such measures, although in the indictment was established retroactive effects.

May submit the application through: