I am in a position to maternity/paternity leave.

If your contract expires while you are on maternity or paternity leave, you will move on to draw your financial benefit for birth and care of minors 16 weeks until its completion. At that time you can apply for unemployment allowance or in the 15 working days.

The period of maternity or paternity leave, while you have remained high in the company, is taken into account as a period of occupation quoted for access to unemployment benefits, since this rest maternal or paternal leave continues to be paid as long as the contract was in force.

The parental benefit the amount paid by the national Social security institute (INSS).


  • To be affiliated or affiliate and high or the high statusin the Social security in a regime that contributed to unemployment.
  • Available at legal status of unemployment.
  • Be registered or registered as a jobseeker and maintain such as registration receipt of the provision, and abide by the the agreement of activitythat is included in the application.
  • To access the contributory benefit must be paid to unemployment at least 360 within days 6 years prior to the legal situation of unemployment. If you have contributed least, you can have the right to unemployment benefit.
  • There are No ordinary retirement age.
  • Do not perform an activity or self-employed work full-time except compatibility, established by a programme for the promotion of employment.
  • Not a pension of Social security incompatible with the work.