I have worked at least one year

If you have worked at least one year, you can access an unemployment subsidy, but we must bear in mind that the duration depends on the number of months and whether or not it family responsibilities.


  • Being unemployed or unemployed and in legal situation of unemployment.
  • Be registered or registered as a jobseeker and maintain the registration during the entire period of perception and sign the commitment of activity.
  • Have contributed by unemployment at least 3 months, if you have family responsibilitiesor at least 6 months if it did not, and not reach 360 days. In the case of having the 360 quoted days, would be entitled to contributory benefit.
  • Do not perceive incomes any type above the 75 % of the minimum wage, without counting the proportional part of two extra pay (Amounts for this year). Will take into account the Full rent or gross. The performance that do business, professional, agriculture, livestock or artistic, is the result of the difference between income and expenditures that have been necessary to achieve these income. The property gains are the result of the difference between gains and losses property.

Must meet the requirements at the time of the event causing and, moreover, at the time of this subsidy, their extensions or resumptions and while perceived the grant.

Se considera fecha del hecho causante aquella en la que se produzca la situación legal de desempleo, o en la que se agote el derecho semestral o en la que termine la causa de suspensión.

If you do not meet the requirements of lack of annuities or, in their case, family responsibilities, you can obtain the grant if you justify meets these requirements within one year from the date of the event causing. In this case, you can obtain the grant from the following day to your request, without its duration decline.

If you are more 52 years, has the right to receive the unemployment subsidy for older workers 52 years.

Will have to bear in mind that:

If you interrupted the collection of a contributory benefit to work this last period of less than 360 days, must seek resumption the benefit.

If interrupted an unemployment subsidy to work less than 12 months, you will have to resume. However, if this is not the first time you suspended, has several periods worked and among all added 360 days or more, you must apply for a new contributory unemployment benefit.

Obligations, offences and penalties