The system of protection for unemployment scheduled for the collective of the special system for salaried Workers agrarian, presents some characteristics as directed at persons fixed workers, fixed or contingent discontinuous.

While working people discontinuous fixed fixed and can access benefits and unemployment benefits, under the same conditions that any person employed worker agrarian not General regime of Social security, the collective of temporary workers may not access the unemployment subsidy.

Casual persons residing in the autonomous communities of Extremadura and Andalucía and may have the right to agricultural potential allowance (if you have earned the same in any of the three calendar years immediately prior to the date of application and meet the rest of requirements), or in case of not having the right to this allowance, will have access to agricultural income.

Similarly, people discontinuous fixed workers residing and carry out their activity in Andalucía and Extremadura account, will both fixed workers discontinuous as possible when they are in any of the following circumstances:

  1. Unemployment situation have been interrupted by seasonal activity of the company.
  2. When the activity suspend for economic reasons, technological or force majeure.
  3. When, after previous situations cease involuntarily in an agricultural casual work.

In the following links may get specific information on each of the rights:

The payment of these unemployment benefits will be provided, exceptions , through the payment in the account of the financial institution that you indicate, whenever holder of the same.