Trabajo y Formación Garantía Juvenil

Updated to 12 november 2021

Massamagrell will 482 . 000 euros to launch this year the youth employment scheme “ T ’ avalem Magdalena ” The city of Massamagrell shall carry out the proposed programme workshop school joint Youth Guarantee Empleo-formación known as “ T ’ avalem La Magdalena ”, after which has become one of the 26 municipalities in receiving this allowance. Comunidad Valenciana nov- 21
We find Nules recruited 16 unemployed persons through programmes and t ’ avalem ecovid. In short We Find Nules town will hire a total of 16 unemployed persons in the municipality to work in two new programmes, it is on the one hand of the project T ’ Avalem We Find Nules 2021 and, on the other, Ecovid. Comunidad Valenciana 08/11/2021 11/11/2021
Jobs for young Specialists Pawn recipients. The Ayuntamiento de Iruña de Oca offer a pawn ticket vending machines. If you are interested in the same, you are resident in the municipality, you are unemployed, you are between 16 and 30 years and are within the system of Youth Guarantee, make your registration through the website of Lanbide. The Basque Country 15/11/2021
Recruitment subsidies INAEM Youth en polvo. For unemployed youth and placed on Youth Guarantee. Aragon nov- 21
The Selective Process in contract practices Administrative Assistant/to Call. 2021 . Is the subject of these rules regulate the selection process for the recruitment of unemployed persons, in the form of "contract interns", for a period of at least one year, full-time, by the city. Principado de Asturias 02/11/2021 15/11/2021
Langreo convened 10 new jobs for minors 30 years. The selection process is open from yesterday by the system of competitive examinations opposition Is the subject of this year is the selection of the places listed for their employment with the contract in practices and for the period of one year, pursuant to resolution of 27 july 2017 of the ministry of employment, industry and tourism on certain regulatory basis for awarding grants to the municipalities of Principado de Asturias with the conclusion of contracts of work Principado de Asturias 08/11/2021 17/11/2021
The Provincial Institute for economic development (Iprodeco) has received funding from the european Social fund, through EMP-POEJ aid, to put in place three projects Provincial institute for economic development (Iprodeco) has received funding from the european Social fund, through EMP-POEJ aid, to put in place three projects in Municipalities with population less than or equal to 5 . 000 inhabitants or between 5 . 001 and 10 . 000 inhabitants, aimed at young adults 16 and under 30 who are not territories nor integrated into the systems of education or training. Andalusia nov- 21
Course of Artificial Intelligence (Blended) for young people accessing the Youth Guarantee system. The programme aims to provide young people in the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for its professional immersion, as the technology sector, in a labour market characterized by the transformation of the digital society, namely in Artificial intelligence. Andalusia nov- 21
The city of Amurrio will hire four unemployed persons through three programmes of employment. These individuals shall comply with the following general requirements exceed: 16 and under 30 years; to be registered to vote in Amurrio; be unemployed, registered and registered as a jobseeker in Basque Lanbide-Servicio for employment; and, to be registered in the Youth Guarantee system. The Basque Country 14/11/2021

The Comunidad de Madrid offers scholarships for studying Second Chance programmes for children enrolled in Youth Guarantee. These scholarships for young people enrolled in the record of the National System of Youth Guarantee, that in the year of the call will conduct studies in programmes of Second Chance in classroom-based. Comunidad de Madrid 06/09/2021 24/09/2021

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