Partner / a worker or working stable character in a cooperative

If you are going to be stable as a partner / a worker or work in a cooperative, you can get to the 100% of the remaining delivery due to pay the entrance fee and for the input mandatory, and in his case, the voluntary, the capital of the cooperative, as well as to meet the cost of operation. You can only get as payment Only the actual amount paid, without taking into account future outlays or deferred payment.

If you are going to use part of the single payment to perform a voluntary contribution to capital of the cooperative, should make a certification of its governing body that this amount is allocated to social capital. Furthermore, must sign before the cooperative the commitment that voluntary contribution will remain in the cooperative the same time that the input mandatory or, at least, the time in which they have received your contributory benefit month to month, not having requested the single payment. Should submit proof of this commitment to public service state employment (SEPE).

If you do not obtain all its provision in a single payment of this way, you can also request simultaneously the monthly payment of the remaining booked unemployment benefit to subsidize its contribution to Social security, and even, you can request and obtain solely the monthly subscription of any pending delivery of perceiving to subsidize its contribution to Social security.

Payment must be paid as Only the amount of the allowance calculated in days, which will be deducted the amount on the legal interest of money,(Amounts for this year).

You can also spend until 15% of the amount of the single payment of the delivery to pay specific services for advice, training and information related to the activity to undertake.