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The public employment service Estatal (SEPE) an autonomous body attached to the ministry of labour and Social economy. The SEPE, together with the Public employment services of the autonomous communities, are at the National employment System. This system assumes the functions of the late National employment institute (INEM) since 2003 . From this state structure are promoted, designed and developed measures and actions for employment, whose implementation is decentralized, adapted to the different realities.

The agency is composed of:

  • Central services.
  • 52 provincial directorates.
  • An extensive network of offices distributed by the person 50 provinces of the spanish state and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, from which you can manage the process of unemployment benefits. In Ceuta and Melilla, also manage the process of employment and training.

In addition, the following services:

  • A telephone service to the citizen ( 060 ) *.
  • A telephone service to apply for Appointment ( 91 926 79 70 ).

The SEPE works by and for society. The activity that focuses on meeting and to investigate the needs of our public:

  • Active workers.
  • Unemployed workers and long-term unemployed.
  • Entrepreneurshaving a business idea.
  • Youth.
  • Companies.

*Telephone 060 Channel: call centre of the General state administration. (The calls to 060 are not included in the flat rates of providers, and can thus be an added cost).

Contribute to the development of employment policy, manage the protection system for unemployment and ensure the information on the labour market in order to achieve, with the collaboration of public employment services Autonomist and other agents in the workplace, the insertion and stay in the labour market of citizenship and the improvement of human capital companies.

Achieve excellence in the management of our services to citizenship, using new technologies, and lead the contribution of the national employment system to increase the quality of the labor market.

The values that determine the principles that the SEPE must consider to achieve the objectives are:

  • Culture of service to citizenship: The SEPE works by and for society. The vocation of public service of people of the organization makes the level of satisfaction increases with every user satisfied. All the activity of the agency should focus on investigating customer needs and guide the work to meet them in the most effective manner.
  • Innovative capacity: The added value of SEPE put it people working in it, since the new reality laboral obliges innovation in the treatment of the search and guidance in employment. In this way, the changes that takes the organization have an automatic reflex on users.
  • Collaboration with other players: With the aim of offering the best service to the citizen, the SEPE, given the status of public service, enhances the collaboration with the rest of actors in the workplace and improves coordination with other institutions, including at European level.
  • Commitment to the staff of the organization: The SEPE has a team with high level of public service vocation. Good service to the citizen passes through a good management of human resources, whose foundations are communication, organizational clarity, the commitment with the people of the organization and its professional development. The organization must give much value to teamwork, collaboration and improving working conditions.
  • Quality in the management: Through the quality is achieved by moving the rest of values to the field of practice. Give service is to do so effectively, in time, sustainably and responsibly, with initiative and continuous improvement. The quality begins in the detection of client needs and continues in the evaluation of the quality perceived by them.

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