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Benefits for entrepreneurs and self-employed

In this section you ’ ll find information regarding the compatibility and capitalization of your unemployment benefit.

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Self-employment or self-employed

The ministry of employment and Social security in its Labour guide,  developed in the framework of the information and attention to the citizen, contains comprehensive information on Self-employment and work associated, statute of the self-employment, legal regime, characteristics, procedures, subsidies, compatibilities, capitalization, etc.

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Incentives and support for entrepreneurs and self-employed

Within the spanish business fabric, its most important quantitative and qualitative smes and the self-employed. Studies show that it is precisely this type of enterprises and entrepreneurs are one of the main engines to invigorate the spanish economy, given its ability to generate employment and their potential to generate value.

These economic players have to operate in a working environment, fiscal, regulatory and financial complex that make their ability to adapt to change. In Addition, have been facing a structural unit of the financing of banking origin limiting, in circumstances such as these, its capacity for expansion.

The regulatory framework and institutional framework in which they operate business activities is of essential importance in order to foster productivity gain and optimize resources.

Therefore, it is imperative that public administrations to enhance and facilitate entrepreneurship, especially in the current economic environment. It is necessary to establish an environment which promotes the culture of entrepreneurship, as well as the creation and development of business projects generating employment and added value.

Incentives and support for entrepreneurs and self-employed All the information