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The public employment service Estatal (SEPE) is an autonomous body operating under the ministry of labour and Social economy. The SEPE, together with the Public employment services of the autonomous communities, are at the National employment System in order to contribute to the development of employment policy, to manage the system of protection for unemployment and ensure information on the labour market.

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Institutional Communication

The public corporate communication guide of the SEPE. Since the institutional channels of the agency, the aim is to strengthen communication with the target audience, improve information on services and strategies of the SEPE. In addition, the active listening of citizenship is one of the priorities of the agency to improve the service we provide.

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The Observatory of occupations

At the occupations in the public employment service Estatal (SEPE) analyse the situation, trends and training needs of the labour market, and enhance their knowledge to entities, the social partners, institutions and citizens. In Addition, we participate in conferences, presentations, seminars and forums on labour market and work with the Public employment services with the autonomous communities and with other agencies.

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In this space you can consult the statistics on employment, contracts and unemployment benefits. Since may 2005 statistics on employment is being drafted in accordance with the established methodology in the information system of public employment services. There are also available historical series contracts of employment and from 1996 in: Movimiento Laboral Registrado. (LIMITS).

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Actions for gender equality

Gender mainstreaming means to act on procedures and methods of work in a final and not on time. Since the SEPE has launched a programme in this regard decided to integrate a gender perspective into the active employment policy, which are an indispensable element for achieving genuine equality.

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