Recruitment of persons with disabilities
  • Public and private enterprises that employ a number of 50 ó más trabajadores estarán obligadas a que de entre ellos al menos el 2 % are working people with disabilities, unless otherwise agreed or collective will of the employer, provided that they apply alternative measures.
  • The government must reserve 7 % of places of invitations to disabled persons as provided for in the royal Decreto-Legislativo 5 / 2015 of 30 october, which adopted the consolidated text of the law of the Basic Statute of the public servant and Law 30 / 1984 the civil service.

Article 42 the royal Legislative Decree 1 / 2013 , 29 november, which adopted the consolidated text of the General law on rights of persons with disabilities and their social inclusion. PDF: 600 Kb

It is the duty of the enterprises to conduct the communication set out in article 5 the royal decree 1451 / 1983 , to public employment services of the autonomous communities where they have workplaces, to be a competence transferred (without prejudice to that is before the SEPE in Ceuta and Melilla). You can consult the information on local self-employment, here:https ://

Cases of exceptionality.

  • Inability of the public employment services to meet the offer of employment after the efforts of brokering necessary.
  • Accreditation by the company of cross-productive, organizational, technical or economic special difficulty giving rise to incorporate disabled workers.

Alternative measures applicable

  • Realización de un contrato mercantil o civil con un Centro Especial de Empleo o con un trabajador autónomo con discapacidad (para el suministro de bienes, o para la prestación de servicios ajenos).
  • Donations and actions of sponsorship.
  • Constitution of enclaves.



From 1 january 2022 the only way of procedures for the completion and submission of web form and annexes of Initial Applications will be through implementation is available in the electronic site SEPEin accordance with the provisions of the item 14 . 2 the law 39 / 2015 , 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure by public administrations Since that date will not be processed pdf forms submitted by other channels.

The referral of the form of justification (annual) downloadable pdf here at the moment is maintained as before: to be provided in the electronic register of AGE.