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Modalities of contracts

Modalities of contracts and individual download print

In this section you can download the models of contracts in .pdf format as well as the annexes and extensions of model contracts.

If your contract relates to the Recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience,here is some of the models.

Model contracts

The open-ended contract is concluded without establishing time limits in the provision of services, regarding the duration of the contract. The open-ended work contract, may be oral or written and may take place in full, partial or for the provision of fixed service discontinuous.

Open-ended contracts may in some cases be beneficiaries of incentives for recruitment, in compliance with the requirements in each case will be held by the implementing legislation, depending on the nature of the enterprise, and worker, if any, of the day.

The fixed-term can only be entered into by circumstances of the production or sustituciòn of individual workers. The fixed-term time shall be entered in whole or in part, will be formalized in writing, may be oral if the duration of contract by circumstances of the production of less than four weeks and full time.

The contract of employment in work-linked training will aim to combine paid work with the corresponding educational processes in the field of vocational training, studies or of the catalogue of Training Specialties of the national system of Employment.

The workplace should allow obtaining adequate professional practice at the level of education or training in the scope of the contract. The company eleborará individual educational plan specifying the content of the professional practice, and guardian assigned to ensure that adequate training and experience to the implementation of the plan and the proper implementation of the object of the contract.

The contract of employment of fishermen is aimed at improving working conditions in the fisheries sector, where recruitment of staff time, of repatriation, food, accommodation and protection of health and medical care of fishermen included in the scope of article 3 the royal decree 618 / 2020 , 30 june, which provide improvements in working conditions in the fisheries sector. The contract may have recourse to any of the existing modalities consistent with the activity.

Documentation: annexes and extensions

Communication from the extension of the contract of employment