Common portfolio of services of the national employment system


Among the functions of the national employment system is to identify and have a portfolio updated common services to be provided by public employment services to ensure, throughout the state, the equal access to a free public service jobs.

Services of Common portfolio, approved by the Royal Decree 7 / 2015 , are intended to help workers to find suitable employment to their characteristics and employers to hire workers appropriate to their needs, facilitate the professional and geographical mobility to correct mismatches between the supply and demand of employment, collect and analyse the situation and evolution of the labour market, connect with the protection system of unemployment subject to the commitment of activity and coordinated with the rest of active employment policies.

Common Portfolio of services constitutes a commitment to public employment services to persons or using the same. Access to benefits included in each service ensures, in conditions of quality and equity, users of the entire national territory regardless of where they are located.

Common Portfolio of services of the national employment system is composed of vocational guidance services, placement, advice to companies, training and qualification for employment and advice for self-employment and entrepreneurship.