Cover Eures before leaving Spain

The option to live and work in another country is widespread among Europeans of all ages. Increasingly people recognize the advantages of professional experience in this way, then work abroad for some time can greatly increase levels of training and the chances of finding a job best to return to the country itself.

The principle of free movement of workers in the European Union is considered one of the most important rights of EU citizens. To facilitate the free movement of workers, public employment services of EEE have a network of cooperation: EURES (European Employment Services), which provides for free information on job offers, labour market situation and living conditions in other countries.

If you are interested in working in Europa, whatever the length of your stay, in this drop down box you can find a summary of the main factors to bear in mind before leaving our country regarding official documentation (DNI, passport, health card, driving licence, validation of titles, etc.) and special situations (registration as a jobseeker, perception of benefits or unemployment benefits), as well as other useful recommendations (CV, letter of presentation, bank account, etc.).

For a better reading on screen or to be printed in a role type to 4 you have also a fact sheet with the same content.