The profiles of the job offer


The Observatory of occupations of public service state employment has consolidated various lines of studies on the labour market providing information and analysis on different aspects of their behavior (situation, trends, characteristics, dynamic on entry, stay and exit the labor market, unemployment, hiring, affiliation...) that correspond to the different types of users (citizens, businesses, orientadors, universities, agencies...).

For direct and qualitative information on what is demanding and what offers the employer and therefore what competences must collect a candidate who are looking for work to be able to attend this job offer, the observatory of occupations develops each year this report offering deepens in the knowledge of professional profiles and the skills that require companies to cover their jobs, detecting training needs and helping to improve the employability of workers.

The report is developed, mainly by monitoring and analysis of a significant sample of job offers published through the various Internet portals, regardless of whether the job offer comes from the company itself that offer or the various intermediadores (public employment services, temporary employment agencies, employment agencies, websites specialized in employment, etc.), as it is currently one of the most used to search and deliver jobs.