Statistical data registered unemployment and contracts for municipalities and economic activity (between45.000and20.000inhabitants, except capitals)

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Statistical data by Autonomous Community. March 2017

Autonomous Community Download to Xls
Andalucía xls - 1 . 98 Mbs.
March xls -260Kbs.
Asturias xls - 329 Kbs.
Canarias xls - 612 Kbs.
Cantabria xls -171Kbs.
The Stain Catillano xls -513Kbs.
Castellano León xls - 744 Kbs.
Catalonia xls -1.82Mbs.
Valencian community xls -1.07Mbs.
Extremadura xls - 246 Kbs.
Galicia xls -568Kbs.
Illes Balears xls -245Kbs.
La Rioja xls - 114 Kbs.
Madrid xls - 1 . 59 Mbs.
Murcia xls -337Kbs.
Navarre xls -117Kbs.
País Vasco xls - 575 Kbs.