Centers and entities of training Presencial

The centers and entities of training, listed in Article 9 . 1 the royal decree 395 / 2007 of 23 March, wishing to give at class mode and in the field of management of public employment service state, the different training initiatives integrated into the subsystem vocational training for employment, may request the public employment service registration State accreditation from the center or entity Training for the formative specialties that will provide the same, in accordance with this procedure.

Applicants should complete the application form available in the electronic site public employment service state, and move it to the Provincial Director of public service state employment where lies the center or entity to register/credit.

Those interested should proceed with the presentation of the request and the supporting documentation required, through any means specified in Article 6 the resolution of 29 July 2010 the General Director of public service state employment which regulates the registration and, in its case, accreditation of centers and entities of training.

If the application is submitted electronically via the electronic record of public service state employment will be required DNI electronic or digital certificate in force admitted by public administrations.

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