Placement agencies

Definition and performance of the placement agencies

The placement agencies, regulated by the Royal Decree 1796 / 2010 , 30 December, are public or private entities, activities that are intended to provide work for the unemployed. To this end will appreciate profiles, skills or knowledge of unemployed persons and can also perform actions related to the job search, such as the orientation, professional information or selection of staff.

The placement agencies are an instrument of both public employment service State and public employment services of the autonomous communities, they can be used on the action you deem necessary for job seekers caught in the shortest possible time.

Within the framework of the information system of public employment services (SISPE) has created a common telematic space to integrate all the information provided by the different public employment services regarding the placement agencies, as well as information that these agencies supplied.

If an entity wants to develop activities of employment agency from 5 July 2014 will no longer be necessary prior authorization of any public employment service, under the changes introduced by the royal Decreto-ley 8 / 2014 , 4 July, but before it starts its activity must submit a statement liable to public service jobs competent. This statement responsible will be presented to the Public employment service when the State agency seeks to develop its activity from workplace set in two or more Autonomous Communities or using exclusively electronic media, or in the service equivalent of the respective Autonomous Community in another case.

Collaboration with public employment services

The performance of all the placement agencies will be coordinated by public employment services, but not all the placement agencies will partner status one or several Public employment services.

The placement agencies collaborate with public employment services when there is a legal instrument (collaboration agreement) regulating this relationship. Collaboration with public employment services can develop through administrative staff, awarding public subsidies, or other legal form adjusted to the State and autonomous regulation.

The placement agencies to collaborate with public employment services provide their services free of charge workers and businesses, since its services should be remunerated by the respective public employment services, in the terms established in the respective collaboration agreement.

In this sense, the public employment service has completed the State 17 June 2014 a framework agreement, which is a selection procedure of placement agencies that can collaborate with public employment services, that adhered to it.

The Autonomous Communities, Aragón, Asturias, Illes Balears, Canarias , Cantabria , Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha , Extremadura , Galicia , Madrid , Murcia , Navarra , La Rioja and Valencia are affixed to the Framework Agreement mentioned.

As a result of this procedure have been selected 80 placement agencies, whose relationship is published in the The BOE 24 June 2014 .

In the development of the framework agreement allows these agencies outsource the activity that go to develop, with the changes introduced in the Royal Decree 1796 / 2010 , 30 December, in the final disposal second of law 1 / 2014 , 28 February.

Access to the network of agencies