Placement agencies

Employment agencies are an instrument of both the public employment service of the state and public employment services of the autonomous communities, they can be used in the action that they deem necessary for the job-seekers to find as soon as possible.

Within the framework of the information system of public employment services (SISPE) has created a common telematic space in order to integrate all the information provided by the different public employment services in respect of employment agencies and the information provided by these agencies.

The agency for placement shall submit the initial statement before the responsible public employment service, as appropriate, according to the following criteria:

  • Employment agencies that operate telematic exclusively through, the autonomous community to consider.

The placement agencies collaborate with the public employment services where there is a legal instrument (collaborative agreement) to regulate this relationship. The collaboration with the Public employment services can be developed through administrative staff, granting of public subsidies, or any other legal form conforming to the implementation of standards at state and autonomous governments.

The placement agencies cooperate with the public employment services provide their services free of charge for employees and employers, as their services, it should be remunerated by the respective public employment services, as provided in the respective collaboration agreement.

The BOE 24 june 2014 .

In the development of the framework agreement, these agencies to contract out the activity that will develop, with the amendment operated by royal decree 1796 / 2010 , 30 december, in the final disposition second of the law 1 / 2014 , 28 february.

Access to the network of agencies