Capitalizes on your delivery

If you are thinking about starting a self-employment, can benefit from the flat rate mount your company. This measure facilitates the initiatives of self-employment by paying a lump sum in the amount of such unemployment benefit to the beneficiaries.

In addition, you can see what happens with their unemployment benefit if while gaining initiates activity. individual autonomous workeror self-employed.

If you intend to request payment Only for the acquisition of shares of the commercial law in the working declared in competition and its subsequent transformation into labour or cooperative society, click here.

What is it?

It is a measure to promote and facilitate self-employment initiatives between people who are receiving unemployment benefit of contributory level, by paying the present value of the amount of the provision that reste by perceive those beneficiaries seeking to:

  • Incorporated steadily as partners / workers or work in cooperatives or formed labour company, or form, although it has maintained a contract with the same.
  • Develop an activity as people employed. Not included in this case who they register as independent workers as economically dependent, signing a contract with a company with which they maintained a contractual relationship immediately prior to the date of legal unemployment or belonging to the same group of companies that.
  • Assign the amount to make a contribution to the social capital of a commercial entity new or created within a maximum of 12 months prior to the input, if they go to possess the effective control of society, go to exercise at the same a professional activity and there is a high in Social security in the special regime of self-employed or in the special regime of seafarers.