HOW is compatible capitalization with the rest of aid and public subsidies to self-employment creation of companies, etc.? And with bonuses of Social security contributions?

The rules governing the payment of unemployment benefit in its mode of payment not Only establishes that this is incompatible with other public aid or subsidies.

Will have to consult the regulation of such aid or subsidies to know if among its requirements have been established its incompatibility with the capitalization or single payment of unemployment benefits.

The amount to receive for the subsidy of Social security contributions provides taking into account the compulsory contribution to have to do in the month of beginning of the activity by all concepts, without taking into account the potential bonuses in the quotation of which could enjoy.

To this end, the amount of aid or subsidies (separately or together with subsidies or aid of other public administrations or other public or private bodies, national or international), it may not be in no case greater than the cost of the activity to develop.

More information about the single payment of the provision in: “Capitalize its delivery".